You hear about places around the world that are simply amazing; where the weather is always mild, the beaches are beautiful and people are friendly. But it wasn’t until we visited Eleuthera, Bahamas did we truly understand what crystal clear waters were. When you hear your 10 year old gasp and says “this is like heaven”, you know you’ve found a slice of paradise.

This naturally, untamed island is unspoiled with modern infrastructure. There is a very casual yet sophistication to this thin 100 mile island. There are a few quint friendly colonial style communities throughout. All beautifully painted in bright colors adorned with exotic flowers and plants. There are many well-developed resorts on the island and a couple cute bed & breakfast cottages. (We stayed at Cottages At BajaMar). There were endless pineapple fields as we drove the length of the island and miles of white and pink sandy beaches. But I would be remise if I did not mention, when driving in the Bahamas remember to stay on the left side of the street. Luckily for us, there was very little traffic, almost non-existent. So no problems there.

There’s a very slow-paced feeling that the locals are accustomed to. The most friendliest set of people I’ve every met and as laid back as they want to be. You can go along way with a carefree attitude and a smile. All you have to do is breath easy, enjoy and let the cool breeze clear your mind. Although the girls would have perfered just jumping into the rolling tides all day long; we wanted to get the most out of our week vacation. So here are a few things we did:-

Queen’s Bath


The Queen’s Bath was breathtaking and a MUST see. It is naturally formed pools (carved by centuries of waves pounding the rock) that are filled by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. These hot tubes are warmed by the sun when settled. We really regretted not having swimsuits on. But the girls took a dip in any way. The best time is to visit around low tide or you can get swept away in strong current. It was a spectacular sight to watch as the waves clashed and blasted up the sides of the cliffs. I became caught up in the melody of the wind that I forgot where I was for a moment almost lossing my balance. The rocks are kind of sharp. So its best to wear tennis or water shoes when visiting.

The Levy National Park Preserve


We decided to spend a day exploring nature and came across the Levy National Park. This botanical park was a beautiful vision celebrating the interior forest of the Bahamas. We walked through the many paradise of plant, flora, fauna, & overall nature. The beauty of the park was made more captivating by the vast variety of native medicinal plants, migrating and native bird species and a huge variety of reptile and insect species. It was interesting to learn the origin of the many herbs and fruit plants we enjoy across the world. An eye opener to say the least. It’s best to go on a cool day or in the afternoon when the sun is not so hot. Take water with you. The walk to the observatory is a bit far but worth every step. Tennis again is a must.

The Cow & Bull


This was an interesting rock formation consisting of two big boulders resembling a bull on one side and cows on the other. Both sets of boulders overlook the sea. You can hear a slight roar from the wind as it flows between the rocks.  We walked up to the edge of the cliff behind the stones, revealing the mysterious dark blue seas of the Atlantic. Remember that movie, “Deep Blue Sea”. Yeah that’s what I thought of and wondered what lied beneath.


Ocean Hole


This hole is an interesting natural phenomenon. It is fed through underwater channels leading from the sea and formed from natural limestone. The waters are clear but very cold. It’s rumored to be bottomless but also thought to be between 600 to 1200 feet deep.  However there were a lot of fish swimming there. The kids tossed a few pieces of bread and watched as the fish jump up to catch it, literally. It’s a not an all day attraction, but a nice stop along the way. Locals have described this little lake-like area as having healing powers. If it works for them, it may work for you 🙂

Harbour Island


We decided to take a day trip over to Harbour Island which is widely known for the pink sandy beaches. It was about a 15 to 20 minute boat ride. As we approached, you could see all of the yachts and beautiful homes along the coast. Fun fact: they drive golf carts around the island here. I thought that was such a convenient way to get around given that the streets narrow. But we were out of luck. No rentals were available. Seem to have been a busy little place with lots of visitors. So we decided to see how much of the island we could see by foot.


We came upon quite a few of these beautiful little homes of pastels as we strolled along the way. Some looked like they were straight off of a canvas. I could just imagine sitting out on that porch, having an ice cold lemonade, enjoying the sunset. How great it must be to live the sweet island life. Just so happens that some of these beauties are rentable. Repeat guest normally book them in advance and for back to back accommodations each year. They must really love it. And why not? What’s not to love?20160723_185317[1].jpg






It took us about 15 minutes to get to the beach. And there it was, the powder pink sands of Eleuthera. Wow doesn’t exactly describe what it was like seeing the shimmer of light as the sun hits the sand. It went for miles. We buried our toes in the warm gushiness. Unlike some of the other beaches, there were very little to no sea shells in sight.  Simply breathtaking.


Glass Window Bridge


This is another MUST see, if nothing else. This bridge sits at the narrowest part of the island. It is where clear shallow seas kiss the deep ocean in a dramatic rendezvous. OMG! Its astonishing this striking rock formation that makes up this glass window. The contrast of the turquoise Caribbean Seas and Marine Blue of the Atlantic Ocean is amazing. We wanted to get a closer look, but the climb down was a bit slippery because of the showers earlier. But that didn’t stop my determined crew.

There was so much to do in such a short time. We didn’t manage to find the Hatchet Bay Caves even though we drove up and down the street where it was supposed to have been. Maybe the cave really was hidden. We traveled to the southern end of the island (3 hours from where we stayed) in search of the Light House, but got a bit lost there too. But nevertheless, the highlight was simply to enjoy creator’s creations, the Sun, Sand & Sea in Eleuthera, Bahamas!

See you next time!






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